Oil Change

Oil Change Cinco Ranch | Katy TX

Oil Change Cinco Ranch

CincoAuto is equipped to perform quick oil changes and maintenance services for gasoline and diesel engines on both foreign and domestic vehicles. We understand that your time is valuable, and make every attempt to make your visit prompt and pleasant. Most maintenance services can be performed while you wait in our comfortable lobby.

Quick Lube, Quality Products

We are one of the few mechanical shops in town that is equipped with quick lube style bays, which makes it unnecessary to drop off a vehicle for something simple like an oil change.

Whether your vehicle runs on Conventional Motor Oil, Synthetic Blend, Full Synthetic or specifically designed oil for Higher Mileage vehicles, we will deliver quality service.


Free Full Inspection

At CincoAuto every vehicle gets a full inspection free of charge as part of our commitment to being your dealership alternative.

Our full service oil change in Katy Tx includes checking and ‘topping off’ critical fluids (Power Steering Fluid, Transmission Fluid, Brake Fluid, Differential Fluid, Coolant Etc.) under the hood as well as checking and inflating your tires to their proper PSI level. All done without  asking!


What about Routine Service and Maintenance?

Our computer system gives us the same recommendations that you would receive if you visited your local dealer for service. We change fuel filters, clean fuel injectors, and replace cabin a/c filters. We also perform radiator, transmission and power steering flushes, and rotate and balance tires as well. If you have a rear wheel drive vehicle, we can service the rear differential. And if you have a 4 X 4, we are equipped to perform the routine maintenance on the front differential and transfer case as well. A better question to ask us would be “what doesn’t CincoAuto do?” Our goal is to become your dealership alternative when it comes to everything from service to major repairs.